Social Activities

After the season finishes and throughout the winter months the Club organises the following social activities:

Arts & Crafts

These events start at 10.00 am on Monday mornings – they are organised by Gwen Diamond (Tel:  01923 819161).


Bridge sessions are played on Thursday afternoons, starting at 1.30 pm.  They are organised by Beryl Shanks (Tel:  0208 421 2928).

Cribbage for Men

Cribbage sessions are played by the Men on Tuesday mornings, running from 10.00 am to 12 noon.  They are organised by Ken Horn (Tel:  0208 428 6917).


Whist sessions are played on Wednesday afternoons, starting at 1.30 pm.  They are organised by Carole Horn (Tel:  0208 428 6917).

In addition Trevor Atkins organises a Whist evening every other Friday, starting at 7.00 pm (Tel:  0208 386 1773).

Coffee Mornings

Coffee mornings are usually held early in the year before the season starts.  The first coffee morning of 2022  was on Friday 28 January; subsequent coffee mornings take place on the last Friday of the month, through to April.  These start at 10.00 am and involve tea, coffee and cakes – sometimes more!  They are in aid of local charities.  Carole Horn organises these (Tel:  0208 428 6917).

All of these events take place in the Clubhouse.

The Club is always open to suggestions from members for other social activities during either the summer or winter months.