The Club currently has three committees established to run the Club effectively:  the Executive Committee (whose members are elected by the Club’s members at its Annual General Meetings), the Bar Committee and the Social Committee (whose members are appointed by the Executive Committee).

The Executive Committee

This committee is established under the Club’s Rules and is responsible for the overall management of the Club.  It is scheduled to meet seven times a year, but may hold ad hoc meetings called at short notice.  Minutes of the meetings of this committee can be found on the Secretary’s noticeboard in the Clubhouse.

The current members of the Executive Committee are:

Chairman & Men’s Captain:

Ken Horn
(Tel: 07743584157)

Hon. Secretary:

Pauline Dawson
(Tel:  07807 920007)

Hon. Treasurer:

Sue Robb
(Tel:  07931318489 )

Ladies’ Captain:

Isabella Cooper
(Tel: 07903495708 )

                                                Lay Member:

Jackie Webster
(Tel:  07749 212612)

Membership Secretary:

Marion Pugh
(Tel:  07917311934 )

The Social Committee

This informal committee organises the Club’s social events and meets on an ad hoc basis throughout the year, for more information please contact.

Sue Shaftoe, our Social Events and Catering Secretary,Tel: 07986635757


  • Marion Pugh  Tel: 07748730383
  • Isabella and Phil Cooper Tel: 07903495708

The Bar Manager

Tel: 07599014582

The Bar Manager is Bill Graney who runs the bar with help from other club members and is responsible for the overall running of the bar.